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This section contains some of the author's personal information as well as some web links to colleages
and friends in the art and gaming industries. You are encouraged to reach me for any professional queries.

:::: Personal Information ::::

Info ::::
I am currently employed by the Ubisoft Montréal game studio, performing graphics technical directing on an upcoming Xbox title. No further information is to be made available at this point. However, if you wish to contact me for contractual work propositions, you may do so at the following address: doros@videotron.ca

Email ::::
Should you wish to contact me regarding my artwork/website or any questions you may have, you are encouraged to email me at the following address : doros@videotron.ca

I wish to thank you for your time, and hope you find the enclosed material to your liking!

Best regards,
Danny Oros

:::: Web Links ::::

Fellow (Real) Artists on the Web ::::
(In no particular order)

Craig "Spooge Demon" Mullins
Joachim "Joachim" Barrum
Pekka "Gecko" Veikkolainen
Ben "Briareos" Neall
Francis "Francis" Tsai
Ron "Fredflickstone" Lemen
Laurent "Beet" Beauvallet
Mikael "Mikael" Noguchi
Nicolas "Sparth" Bouvier
Brian "Balistic" Prince
Socar "Socar" Myles
Linda "Enayla" Bergkvist
Bruno "NoxIzMad" Gore
Philippe "HardcorePixxX" Guyenne
Jason Manley
Yann "Sear" Do
Katherine "Jezebel" Dinger
Benoit "Bengal" de Ravel
Tonci "LungBug" Zonjic
"El Coro"
Kevin "Llewellyn" Llewellyn
Wesley "Wes9000" Burt
Mike "Feeb" May
Cos "Cos" Koniotis
Kyri "Kyri" Koniotou
Don "Seeg" Seegmiller
Jeremy "jerO" Dale
Jennifer "Minks" Lomax
Xiaoye "Wassup" Chen
John "Capt.FlushGarden" Wallin Liberto
more to come...

Internet artist forums ::::
Sijun Forums
Concept Art Forums
more to come...

Friends and Colleagues ::::
Jason Della Rocca's "Reality Panic"
IGDA (International Game Developers Association)
Building Backyards (Yanick Mimee)
Devlib Central (Arnaud "NoRecess" Storq)
Blastersoft (Jean-Francois "Blaster" Marquis)
more to come...

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